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A wind of nature and freedom

The luxury of space, peacefulness and privacy in an amazing place, where nature, with its dunes, its coconut plantation and mangroves are ubiquitous. 

Facing the Jaguaribe River, which runs into the ocean, offering an exceptional ocean inlet for learning kite surfing, the Jaguaribe Lodge & Kite hotel was built ensuring the utmost respect to the environment. 

The hotel seems to float on top of the dunes and the sea, through a series of walkways that leaves nature intact and provides access to various facilities of the complex.

A center of Kite Surf International IKO, a restaurant with an ocean view and a spectacular bar facing the stunt show performed by professional kite surfers, a spa with massage, ofurô, beauty treatment and a yoga studio.

A semi-Olympic pool with a bar and many rest areas. 16 large bungalows built on stilts and widely open to the sea, all in quality wood, a true experience of nature, space and unforgettable freedom.


We have two types of LODGES, all facing the sea.

FAMILY LODGE are 2 independant suits with ocean view,  up to 6 people.

LODGE DOUBLE, is suit facing the ocean, for a couple with kids.


Here, everything is designed to keep the culture and local life always present, starting with structures built with reforested wood and carnauba leaves, a typical tree of the region. 

All bungalows are designed to allow for abundant flow of fresh sea breeze and thus do not need air conditioning.

We believe and are taking the necessary steps that make a difference and contribute to the development together with the community. Awareness campaigns for separation and recycling show a continuous work to preserve the fauna and flora (mangroves and dunes) of our region.